Successful GasBox installation in the UK

Today we are providing details about Norfolk County Council’s deployment of our GasBoxes at a closed landfill site in the UK. This was a successful test project led by the Environment Agency and part funded by the EU LIFE environment … Continued

Replace Flaring

Today the only reason that flares are installed on landfills is to comply with environmental requirements and as a last resort to prevent low-grade methane gas from being freely released into the atmosphere. Burning the low-grade methane does produce CO2 … Continued

Obama: Talking hot air

To paraphrase Barack Obama, we are the first real generation to feel the effects of climate change…and very probably the last generation with the power to do something about it. Which is why it came as no surprise in early … Continued

The problem with methane…

It’s fair to say that the dirty methane emitted by closed landfill sites is not something that most people know much about. It’s a specialist area which is the responsibility of waste management companies and local authorities and municipalities. Yet … Continued

Cleanergy in South Africa

Power – or rather the lack of it – is an ongoing problem in South Africa where the ageing power stations of incumbent utility Eskom are unable to meet demand. Eskom has introduced scheduled blackouts and, according to The Economist, … Continued

The Land Filler in Manila

Imagine if those living in and around major landfill sites were able to receive free electricity generated by the waste that surrounds them? While Cleanergy continues to provide ‘second-generation’ biogas conversion – for old landfill sites containing poor quality methane … Continued

Methane bearing fruit?

Imagine if we could manufacture plastics using one of nature’s most noxious natural gases (methane) instead of fossil fuels? We recently heard about this ecological innovation from Mango Materials, a US-based startup that has found a way to produce bioplastics … Continued

China rises to the challenge

In 2008, the top carbon dioxide (CO2) emitter in the world was China. In 2013, China’s growth in oil consumption accounted for one-third of the world’s oil consumption growth. In 2014, China surpassed the United States as the world’s largest … Continued

Did Obama read the Cleanergy blog?

There was a lot of buzz beforehand about what President Obama would say, especially regarding climate change in his State of the Union address. And, though he didn’t spend too much time on the subject, he did create some stir … Continued