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Methane bearing fruit?

Imagine if we could manufacture plastics using one of nature’s most noxious natural gases (methane) instead of fossil fuels? We recently heard about this ecological innovation from Mango Materials, a US-based startup that has found a way to produce bioplastics … Continued

Did Obama read the Cleanergy blog?

There was a lot of buzz beforehand about what President Obama would say, especially regarding climate change in his State of the Union address. And, though he didn’t spend too much time on the subject, he did create some stir … Continued

870 Eiffel Towers worth of profit up in smoke

870 Eiffel Towers worth of profit up in smoke or Bus fare vs profit So much is happening in our line of business I don’t know where to start. Nor what to name my post. But bear with me, you’ll … Continued

Welcome to the stirling revolution

The world has known the stirling engine for 200 years. We have reinvented it for the 21st century and beyond. Our vision at Cleanergy is to make sustainable stirling energy solutions a major, lasting part of global power generation. And … Continued