Cleanergy cements leadership position in home market of Sweden; GasBox system deployed in Ulricehamn to generate electricity and reduce carbon emissions from closed landfill site

Cleanergy, which is headquartered in Gothenburg, today announced its fourth deployment in Sweden at a closed landfill site in Övreskog near Ulricehamn.

The company has now established itself as a key component in the landfill management supply chain with deployments in Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Germany, France, the US and UK as well as multiple upcoming opportunities around the world.

Cleanergy’s GasBox technology is the only technology on the market which is able to generate electricity and heat from low-quality methane gas emitted from older closed sites, typically more than 10 years since closure, once traditional spark engines and micro-turbines become unreliable and inefficient.

Previously flaring would traditionally be the only option for methane generated from these sites. As methane is estimated to be 21 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, burning it (otherwise known as flaring) – with the resultant carbon dioxide emissions – has traditionally been the least environmentally damaging option for the environment.

Two GasBoxes have been installed by UEAB (Ulricehamns Energi) at a closed landfill site at Övreskog which accepted the refuse of the 23,000 residents of Ulricehamn city.

The methane emitted from Övreskog was flared but when UEAB took on the management of the site it recognized its environmental responsibility – and also the potential for generating revenue from the low grade landfill gas by converting it into electricity and heat.

Around 117 MWh electricity and170 MWh heat is now produced on a yearly basis by the two installed GasBoxes.

Installed inside a modular container, Cleanergy’s GasBox is an autonomous and flexible stirling engine unit. Also inside the container is a real-time power management system with remote access; a fuel pipe; plus a heat and electricity connection to a house, factory or warehouse with optional grid functionality. The GasBox can be coupled with a leachate treatment plant enabling onsite treatment of leachate with no additional power requirements.