The sky is the limit


A global network of distribution partners

From Inner Mongolia to the UK.

We aim to make our stirling-based CHP and CSP systems a major, lasting part of global energy generation. And we’re not doing it alone.

Our handpicked network of partners and distributors is today working with customers in both gas and solar power, to help everyone grow the cake – by sharing it.

The future of stirling


CHP distribution partners

Our CHP solutions are specified, sold and maintained by a trusted network of global partners.

We are established in several European countries, Canada and the US. And we’re open to applications from new partners in suitable markets.

Check the map below to find your nearest distributor. Or get in touch >>



CSP distribution partners

Smart strategic alliances are imperative to our success in solar energy – magnified by increasingly complex local regulatory and grid environments.

We have strategic partners in China, the Middle East and selected European countries. If you check the boxes on the right, get in touch with us to learn more.

Check the map below to see our solar partners.

CSP solutions

Made in Sweden,
deployed worldwide

Our partner network spans the globe. Take a look:


Apply to become a partner

Now accepting applications from East to West

We are expanding our network and welcome both CHP distributors and strategic alliances within CSP – across the globe.

If you would like to join us, please read the qualifying factors to the right and then complete the form below.


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Becoming a CHP partner:

■ Are you an established organisation?

■ Do you have a track record in gas?

■ Are you familiar with stirling technology?


Becoming a CSP partner:

■ Are you established in solar?

■ Familiar with local regulations & incentives?

Or are you an end-user looking to create a new revenue stream – either as a distributor or a joint venture partner?