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Our CSP System is powered by our SunBox stirling engine that generates power from solar energy at grid parity levels – twice as efficiently as traditional Photovoltaic (PV) technology.


Worldwide installations



Converting solar heat into electricity at grid-parity levels

A turnkey CSP System

In designing our Stirling CSP System we thought outside – and inside – the box.

The result is a turnkey solution that not only includes the SunBox but is also supported by a family of services from design and installation, to round-the-clock maintenance and troubleshooting.

Mounted on top of a parabolic dish that tracks the sun, the SunBox is an autonomous and flexible stirling engine unit. Cleanergy’s CSP System includes both the SunBox and the parabolic dish – plus a tracking system with remote access.

The system also includes a portable service unit and the potential for both interconnect and grid interconnect. Power output is capped at 11kW per SunBox engine unit.


Stirling CSP System in Inner Mongolia





CSP Systems for solar parks

The Cleanergy SunBox is unique in its ability to generate power from solar energy at grid parity levels – twice as efficiently as traditional Photovoltaic (PV) technology.

Thanks to a unique tracking system that follows the sun throughout the day, SunBox has a higher yield than alternative technologies.

The result for solar parks? Electricity produced at €0.06/kWh – the lowest in the market (without the need for water to cool the system).

Furthermore, our solution meets the growing need for mega solar parks ranging from 0.5 megawatt to several hundred megawatts. Thanks to its modular design, our stirling dish technology reduces risk and complexity by effectively making every unit autonomous.

We believe it’s the best energy solution under the sun.


Illustration CSP


The key to a fossil free electricity production is the ability to store renewable energy.

We are developing a thermal energy storage solution to deliver electricity on demand in a sustainable, reliable and price competitive way – all hours of the day, all days of the year.

More on this ground-breaking solution will follow soon.