From one Industrial
Revolution to the next


Why stirling engine technology?
And why Cleanergy stirling engines?

The simple answer:

The Stirling engine is unique in its ability to provide incredibly efficient conversion of thermal energy into heat and electricity.

So unlike internal combustion engines, our Stirling engines don’t run on traditional fossil fuels – they run on heat.

The Cleanergy team is uniquely placed to help customers exploit the burgeoning opportunities of this technology.

Our association with Stirling technology innovation stretches back some 25 years. Our knowledge and insight is the best in the industry. Our technology is effective. It’s sustainable and carbon neutral.

And most of all: it’s proven.



Stirling engine mechanics

The history of Stirling

200 years in the making

Scottish priest Robert Stirling invented the eponymously named stirling engine in 1816 as a viable alternative to the steam engine.

Since then, Stirling technology has undergone many transformations – from the white heat of the industrial revolution and inventor John Ericsson in the later 1800s, to Dutch electronics giant Phillips in the 1930s, to Rudolf Mayer USA in the 1960s.

In recent years, the marketplace has begun waking up to the versatility and potential of the Stirling engine – with applications ranging from powering submarines to cryogenic cooling, to cogeneration and concentrated solar power.

But when it comes to sustainable energy production, most attempts to use Stirling engines have failed.

Until now…


Our manufacturing operation is steeped in the heritage of Swedish automotive excellence. More >>

Stirling today

Driving a new generation of sustainable energy

We are the leading exponent of sustainable Stirling engine solutions in the world today.

This isn’t opinion. It’s fact: Based on some 500,000 operating hours accumulated by our CHP and CSP systems at landfill sites and solar parks from the UK to Inner Mongolia.

In both gas and solar, we can manufacture our technology at scale. The solutions are easy to install and maintain, in fact they last up to four times longer than conventional engines. And they are delivering tangible results for our customers – supported by a team of experts who have spent years (and in some cases decades) perfecting this technology.

Most importantly, while our heritage owes much the past, we continue to look – and move – forward. Our multi-pronged innovation platform delivers on the true potential of Stirling to change the way we generate energy.

The future of Stirling

It's already here

When it comes to Stirling engine innovation… the future is already here.

From exploring new sealing technologies, to minimizing oil leaks; to developing unique simulation software, to driving next generation power distribution – our global R&D team is making renewable Stirling engine solutions a significant and lasting part of global energy generation.

Take hybrid Stirling engine design, for example. In partnership with the European Union (EU) we have developed a prototype hybrid solar-gas engine that provides improved thermal storage – which could halve the amount of gas needed to create sustainable energy.

For our customers it means simply achieving more with less.