Did Obama read the Cleanergy blog?

There was a lot of buzz beforehand about what President Obama would say, especially regarding climate change in his State of the Union address.

And, though he didn’t spend too much time on the subject, he did create some stir among journalists, companies and tweeters!

Now, it’s not that I think that president Obama has read everything that Cleanergy has ever written or spoken about methane. Or that he knows that we try to tell everyone that methane could be taken care of, even down to the 18 percent low grade methane, instead of flared or leaked out in the atmosphere.

Nor do I think that he read my latest blog post and felt he needed to answer the question I asked in it;

“If you produced excess gas, what would you do?

Let your profit go up in smoke (like North Dakota)? Or convert it to a bag of money?”


But he kind of did.


One of the things the Obama administration announced was steps to address the leaks from the moment the well is drilled, through the processing, compression and storage stages, to delivery of the oil or gas to power plants and residential distribution networks. And there is a plan for both landfills and solar power.

At Cleanergy we’ve worked, written and travelled around the globe to get our message across, so when Twitter explodes with articles, thoughts and ideas, it sure feels nice when we get some help from Obama to shine light on these topics.

However, maybe terms like “help meet our clean-energy goals” could be switched for “make it happen”. (Obama probably hadn’t read the blog post “Kids, make up your minds”)

At Cleanergy we take pride in the fact that we work with, and offer solutions to, some of the most imminent problems of our time.

It is great that the environment, the energy solutions and methane emissions were all addressed and became main topics on Twitter for a few days.

But there was also a disappointment over the fact that yet again renewable and sustainable energy really was a mere goal for the future, when clean and safe renewable energy is, finally, ready for prime time.

In March 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA proposed updated standards on methane emissions from new landfills. And stated that they’d take public comment on whether to update standards for existing landfills.


Public comment on whether to update standards for existing landfills?


Obama most probably hasn’t read our blog, we know. But if he called us, we’d guide him, and everyone else who wants to know, through everything there is to know about landfills. And when he’d realized the potential, we could go on to our CHP Solar system.

Because really, it isn’t science fiction, tree hugging, or solutions for the future.

We work with this every day. Present time.

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