Methane bearing fruit?

mango photo

Imagine if we could manufacture plastics using one of nature’s most noxious natural gases (methane) instead of fossil fuels?

We recently heard about this ecological innovation from Mango Materials, a US-based startup that has found a way to produce bioplastics from the fermentation of methane.

mango materials logo

Not only that, the company is set to mass produce its methane-based bioplastic at scale, and at a competitive cost to traditional, chemical-based plastics (which as we know, still tends to represent the real bottom line for industry). Initial trials have proved successful and commercial production could happen within a year or two.

We like the idea of producing this most ubiquitous of man-made materials in a sustainable and biodegradable way. But what we really like is that after products made with this new plastic reach the end of their natural lives they will most likely go to…landfill sites.

Could bioplastics from Mango Materials one day be used to feed a Cleanergy Gas Box – and thus replace fossil fuels as a valuable source of power and energy?

Who knows what the future holds. But for now we just wanted to acknowledge what could be a truly ‘fruitful’ piece of innovation.

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