The Land Filler in Manila


Imagine if those living in and around major landfill sites were able to receive free electricity generated by the waste that surrounds them?

While Cleanergy continues to provide ‘second-generation’ biogas conversion – for old landfill sites containing poor quality methane – others are still discovering the benefits of turning waste into wealth (or more specifically, energy).

One such example is the Payatas Project in the Philippines, where six major methane plants are sucking high-grade methane out of landfill in order to generate and deliver valuable free power to the surrounding slum communities.

What began as a project harnessing mere kilowatts of energy has now grown exponentially, with megawatts now being sold direct to the Manila grid on a regular basis: Invaluable, given that the country is experiencing a massive surge in growth and needs to double its power generation capacity in the years ahead.

Not surprisingly, the project has gained attention everywhere from Africa to South America. In fact, methane conversion is surely now a no-brainer for anyone with landfill sites in hot, sticky, tropical climates containing large amounts of fast-decomposing waste.

The question, of course, is how will these sites continue to generate power in a few years’ time? When only the low-grade methane remains?

Well, there’s always the GasBox.

Just saying…

More information about this project can be found at the Innovate Development website.

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