Cleanergy in South Africa

SA power station

Power – or rather the lack of it – is an ongoing problem in South Africa where the ageing power stations of incumbent utility Eskom are unable to meet demand.

Eskom has introduced scheduled blackouts and, according to The Economist, South Africans are “learning to live in the dark” with “bleak jokes aplenty” such as “Q: What did South Africa use before candles? A: Electricity.”

In May Cleanergy took part in the annual African Utility Week conference as part of the Swedish delegation. The group was of course happy to share their expertise and experience and there was much interest in both the waste gas and solar systems of Cleanergy.

South Africa’s Business Daily newspaper wrote this piece about the show and the involvement of various Swedish companies including ourselves.

After the show, News24, which airs on DStv one of South Africa’s subscription news channels, interviewed Fredrik Agerhem, Cleanergy’s man on the ground in South Africa. During this interview, he explains how Sweden’s energy crisis in the 70s provided the impetus for the country to investigate and deploy alternatives to oil.

If you are interested in how Cleanergy can help South Africa deploy alternative power generation systems then please get in touch.

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