The problem with methane…

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It’s fair to say that the dirty methane emitted by closed landfill sites is not something that most people know much about. It’s a specialist area which is the responsibility of waste management companies and local authorities and municipalities.

Yet it’s an issue that affects us all. Methane might be invisible but it is a potent greenhouse gas that warms up our atmosphere and contributes to climate change – a fact recognized by the EU Landfill Directive whose overall objective is:

”…by way of stringent operational and technical requirements on the waste and landfills, to provide for measures, procedures and guidance to prevent or reduce as far as possible negative effects on the environment,……as well as any resulting risk to human health, from landfilling of waste, during the whole life-cycle of the landfill.”

As the only company out there with a solution for treating dirty methane at closed landfill sites – our complete CHP (Combined Heat and Power) System – we agree one hundred per cent. Furthermore, the numbers support our convictions.

Some 55 million tonnes of methane are emitted from waste annually; in fact 16% of human methane emissions are generated through landfills and waste.

Around 881,000 tonnes of methane was emitted from close and open landfill sites in 2012, which is almost 3% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile our partners in the UK estimate that there are 20,000 closed landfill sites in their country alone.

62% of landfills in the US are still not generating any electricity from waste.

Startling numbers. But there is a solution. Since its launch last year our GasBox – the centrepiece of our CHP system – has received a phenomenal response from the industry with successful deployments around the world which are reducing the emission of methane into the atmosphere.

We look forward to the next year and making a substantial dent in these statistics!

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