Reduce your CO2 emissions by replacing flaring with a GasBox

The typical landfill site flares some 400,000 Nm3 of CH4 every year, corresponding to 212 CO2 tonnes annually – the equivalent of driving a car the distance of 1.1 million miles.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And to illustrate this point the team at Cleanergy has come up with a simple infographic to illustrate how.

By using our GASHUB, landfill owners can reduce their CO2 emissions by a remarkable 192 tons. Not only that, but they can also convert this low-quality methane gas into energy which could, for example, be used for leachate treatment.

It’s a perfect example of the circular economy in action: A modern solution to an age-old problem that benefits people, planet and profit – with not a flare in sight.


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